Drunk Elephant Day Dazzle Holiday Kit 

Are you ready to greet the day with glowing, radiant skin? Drunk Elephant’s Day Dazzle Holiday Kit is here to make your morning routine a breeze. This kit is packed with four of Drunk Elephant’s bestselling formulas, ensuring your skin is not only ready for the day ahead but also set to receive lots of compliments during the holiday season.

What’s inside:

1. Protini Cream (50ml): Your Skin’s Protein Smoothie

Think of Protini Cream as the skincare equivalent of a protein smoothie. This silky water-gel formula is a true powerhouse, infused with an abundance of amino acids, growth factors, and signal peptides. What does this mean for your skin? It means intense hydration, perfect balance, and a complexion that looks and feels wonderfully bouncy.

But that’s not all—Protini Cream also takes on the signs of aging and photo damage, leaving you with a brighter and firmer complexion that reflects your inner radiance.

2. C-Firma Fresh: The Brightening Superstar

Next up is C-Firma Fresh, a game-changer in your skincare routine. Packed with vitamin C, this formula creates a brighter and firmer skin tone. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a complexion that exudes vibrancy and youthfulness.

3. Protini Serum: Exfoliation Magic

The Day Dazzle Holiday Kit wouldn’t be complete without the Protini Serum. With 10% lactic acid and a host of other skin-loving ingredients, this serum is your ticket to improved skin tone and texture. Bid farewell to uneven skin and embrace the smoother, more refined you.

4. D-Bronzi: Sun-Kissed Glow, Anytime

Finally, for those days when you want to cheat a just-got-back-from-somewhere-sunny glow, D-Bronzi comes to the rescue. This barrier-strengthening formula can be seamlessly mixed with any of the above products. Just a couple of drops, and you’ll enjoy a sheer tint that leaves your skin radiating with a sun-kissed brilliance.

Price: £91 (worth £128)

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Drunk Elephant Day Dazzle Holiday Kit 

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