Sol de Janeiro’s Cheirosa Travel Perfume Set: A Scented Brazilian Adventure

Have you ever heard of the term ‘cheirosa’? In Brazil, it’s used to describe something or someone that smells absolutely incredible. That’s why Sol de Janeiro decided to embrace this moniker for its delightful fragrance range, designed to transport you to sun-soaked beaches and tropical paradises.

The Cheirosa Travel Perfume Set brings together four enchanting scents: Cheirosa 40, Cheirosa 62, Cheirosa 68, and Rio Radiance, all in convenient 30ml bottles. Get ready to embark on a fragrant journey filled with warmth, nutty notes, tropical vibes, and nostalgic summer bliss.

Unveiling the Scents of Cheirosa: Sol de Janeiro’s Fragrance Magic

  1. Cheirosa 40: Sweet and Fruity Delight Cheirosa 40 is a delightful concoction that marries the sweetness of plum and crème de cassis with lush florals and warming woods. In other words, it’s like a tropical heatwave captured in a bottle. Each spritz will transport you to a sunny beach, making it a must-have for your beauty rituals.
  2. Cheirosa 62: A ‘Holiday in a Bottle’ For those who seek a ‘holiday in a bottle,’ Cheirosa 62 offers a warm and floral fragrance with an exciting twist. It takes the warmth and floral beauty of no.40 and infuses it with hints of pistachio and almond. This nutty spin adds a unique character that will surely enchant your senses.
  3. Cheirosa 68: Tropical Inspiration Inspired by Brazil’s Tropicalia Movement of 1968, Cheirosa 68 is a colorful mix of lychee essence and pink dragonfruit, combined with vanilla and salty ocean vibes. This exotic blend is a burst of vibrant energy, perfect for days when you want to feel invigorated and refreshed.
  4. Rio Radiance: A Nostalgic Escape On days when you crave a nostalgic escape, reach for Rio Radiance. Its solar florals and creamy leite de coco (coconut milk) transport you to the hazy bliss of a summer getaway. Every spritz carries the essence of sunshine and relaxation, allowing you to escape in every spray.

Price: £34 (worth £40) / Available now at CultBeauty, Boots and LookFantastic

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